Making Democracy Work

Observer Corps


The Tacoma-Pierce County has established an Observer Corps. These are members of the League who regularly attend public City and County meetings of elected officials to report on what they observe. The purposes of the LWVT-PC Observer Corps are to:
1. Promote public interest in local government;
2. Be a presence to elected officials, enhancing accountability;
3. Alert the League Board to upcoming agenda items on which League has program positions to which League can speak.
4. Identify areas for future LWVT-PC study and action.
Observers play an important role as they learn about issues and processes and are in touch with what is happening in our community.

A LWVT-PC Observer is trained to be impartial, silent and respectful. They may, however, ask questions for clarification. Observers wear a badge identifying them as LWV members.

The reports that follow were produced by League members in the Observer Corps.

NOTE: Our Observers are taking a summer break and will resume in September 2019.

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